Saturday Jan 28th Open Discussion ThreadThat post I did on ChatGPT the other week was pretty popular. Not only do people want to learn more about Jobs-to-be-Done, but they are also looking …
We might be getting close to a complete disruption of the consulting industry

December 2022

A private space for us to converse and connect

October 2022

A simple example of masking all the scary data into something your design team, or leadership, will embrace...maybe!
Hint: Difficulty plays a huge role

September 2022

Here's what I'm thinking, let me know if you agree
Marketing Cloud vs. Experience Cloud with a Jobs-to-be-Done Lens #jtbd #innovation #martech #crm

August 2022

A look at things through a Jobs-to-be-Done lens
Services matter, and so do better business models, and other random thoughts of the day about Jobs-to-be-Done

July 2022

Friday July 29th Open Discussion ThreadHey everyone. I’ve been missing in action, but I wanted to run something by you all. In the JTBD world we always talk about needs-based segmenta…
Let's look at what customers are actually loyal to using Jobs-to-be-Done #jtbd

May 2022

Use this or a derivation of it to enable your internal capability workshops